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Application can be downloaded from Google Play marked. You have to send consent form in order to be able to participate experiment.


Please contact me for further information:



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Now, everything is on its place. NSD approval the last approval beside REK and others are received.


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The application (demo) is in its test phase !!! We have already 7 volunteers who are testing the application. Hope we find all problems and solve it before starting experiment.

Thank you all participants.

Began with development

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Android application for collection of accelerometer and gyroscope data has been started developing.

Hope for successful and free bug data collection.

Master Thesis is launched

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The Epilepsy App will be taken a level up ! The activity detection will be a research field to develop a well functioning automatic seizure detection that further will be integrated with Epilepsy App. more is coming soon… follow us.


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REC approval application is submited.

One step forward.

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In order to start my research next year. All master students working with a people with sensitive information have to apply for REK here in Norway. Thankfully I got official letter from Epilepsiforbundet where they express their support of my master grade project. Additionally I have two proffisional professors as an assistance in my research. Many things to do but at least i have this that is important for the application to REK.