Fixed bugs and adds

Here are all the versions and bugs fixed.

Version 2.0.2

  1. Comment css has been changed, better look (*requested by user)
  2. Alternative way of medicine dose input. (requested by user)
  3. Bug fix on freeze of application because of error in sql.

Version 2.0

  1. The better look of statistical data export. The bug has been fixed on date picker.
  2. Research work on user interaction pattern and mobile environment analysis has been launched.
  3. Bug fix on sudden freeze of application because of wrong input.

Version 1.9

  1. Automatic alarm activation
  2. Bug fix for GPS location (* some of users had trouble with this feature)
  3. Extra mood (Depressed)
  4. Better view for statistical report (Date picker)
  5. Twitter integration for the news and tips(norwegian only).
  6. Some minor changes

Version 1.8

  1. Bug fixes

Version 1.7

  1. The fix a bug and crash (fractions had problem to be set in reminder)
  2. The statistical report for the period defined is possible.
  3. Editing backups (deletion, retrieve)
  4. Deletion of entire data from the device is possible.

Version 1.6

  1. Organized layout. Better CSS.
  2. Menstruation disable as a default.
  3. Auto detection of language. Norwegian, English, Dutch, Korean, Turkish, German, French and Chinese languages are available.
  4. Back up of data and retrieving it.
  5. Add event and Today have been modified.
  6. Slideshow in First help part.
  7. Alarm has been changed in functionality.

Version 1.4-1.5*

  1. Organized layout. Better CSS.
  2. Back and other navigation buttons are working.
  3. Auto detection of language. Norwegian, English, Dutch, Korean and Chinese languages are available.
  4. Taking Pictures of medicines.
  5. Some improvements in choose contact for sending SMS.
  6. Automatic creation of folder for storing graph in HTML.
  7. Reorganized the way of operation of Reminders.

*We had to make two updates, because of some issue we have received for camera.autofocus permission.

Version 1.3

*Organized layout.
*Back and other navigation buttons are working.
*Norwegian language is available.
*Some improvements in choose contact for sending SMS.
*Automatic creation of folder for storing graph in HTML.
*Removed unnecessary alerts.

*New Icons

Version 1.2

Better css.

Unnecessary permissions has been removed from Manifest

Version 1.1

Reminders for the medicine has been altered.

API level has been changed to 4.

Version 1.0

Very first project on market


§ 2 Responses to Fixed bugs and adds

  • Kristine says:

    I’d like to make a few suggestions …
    1. Please include an alert button for our homescreen that is a short cut to press when having a seizure so I don’t have to go into the app then press the alert button… time is not on our side when having a seizure.
    2. On the English version under the instructions how to deal with a seizure… Ambulance has a “c” not a “s”.
    3. I would like to see Instructions on how to use the app right within the app.
    4. To be able to configure the sms that goes out to contacts.
    5. For the app to automatically turn on GPS – l like most others like to conserve our batteries and keep GPS turned off. To enable gps, turn the app on and press the alert button is way too much to do just before a seizure, most of us don’t have that long before our “warning” turns into a seizure.
    6. A very short warning saying that “alarm” button is activated, to shut off press again or something like that… just incase it gets accidentally pressed
    7. Maybe a notice on the homescreen telling anyone who picks up the phone that I’m having a seizure and a designated contact will be phoning – please answer this call for further instructions. (For me this would be the most helpful part, as I am very confused, disoriented and fearful after a seizure – my partner or son who would be instructed on the sms to call my phone – could then instruct whoever is near me what to do and what to expect. I don’t … like others always have a tonic clonic (grand Mal) I sometimes have complex partial seizures which, unless you know about them does not look like a “typical fall and shake” seizure. With a complex partial seizure I am unconscious but do not look like it. When I come out I’m fearful and more fear provokes another and it becomes a vicious cycle. I have had these repeated seizures while out and very kind helpful people become a threat when coming out of a seizure, not because they are a threat but because I don’t know where I am, who is near me, and confused…. fear is part of the seizure and unless I’m reassured, and calmed my brain takes over and the fight or flight response happens. (temporal lobe epilepsy).
    To review – One simple bright “alarm” button on our homescreen that enables GPS, sends a sms to our contacts either user defined or preset sms, after a short warning that we can disable in case of accidental press.

    Thank you for such a great app… you guys are doing well!

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