Epilepsy App

we won’t be talking using complex words. Simply, application will be developed for people who has epilepsy and have difficulties arranging their daily life. By this we mean all the medicines, registrations, reminders, notification etc will be done by our application … yeah and of ‘cos a possibility to activate alarm if an individual feel uncertainty.

Why APP ?!

application “boom” and it’s interaction using powerful tool that you care daily, mobile phone, makes it easy, cheap and helpful for those who need it. We just wanted to present a possible alternative for expensive devices that every individual with epilepsy have to purchase and of ‘cos make it practical and easy to register all necessary data, that is done by pen + paper.

PS… some functions of the application can be used not only by the people with epilepsy. More about this we will inform you by its development progress.

Available platform for use: iOS and Android

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