Analysis of Simulated Seizure activity

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First Sprint Accomplished

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Today, we had a meeting with  Randi Stokke, employer. According to the Scrum we had to present our first code in practice, that we did. Discussions around next sprint code prioritization had been made.  Feedback from employer have been given. After a deep discussion and planning we are ready to upload our first status report online. Status report you can find on our page “EpilepsyApp”

At the moment we are not ready to upload our application for test or use, because it hasn’t the first level function that includes ability to navigate from different to different activities and storing data to local DB.

We hope that you will be able to test and use our application as soon as it possible. Be with us and we will let you know about latest updates and progress.

If you want to be a tester please contact us.

First Remote Meeting

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Today, we had a meeting and it was a different one. We had our first remote meeting with our supervisor in New Zealand. The difference between two countries is 12 hours, but it didn’t let us go after schedule. The weekly discussion of project status with our supervisor and planning the week is a great opportunity to see new possibilities, solve problems and of course to check ourselves with report for the progress.

As a tool for video conversation with multiple users can used “hang over” by Google-plus that is free of charge and it doesn’t play role if there are more than two users at video chat comparing to other same technology.

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