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The application (demo) is in its test phase !!! We have already 7 volunteers who are testing the application. Hope we find all problems and solve it before starting experiment.

Thank you all participants.


Began with development

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Android application for collection of accelerometer and gyroscope data has been started developing.

Hope for successful and free bug data collection.

Thank you for the participation

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We really do appreciate your help dear users of EpilepsyApp. There are about 25 users who has accepted the agreement and had sent data for further analysis. We thank you !

Still we hope there will be more people who will participate in research work.

EpilepsyApp 2.0: Data Analysis

11/25/2012 § 2 Comments

Dear users of EpilepsyApp,

First of all thank you for choosing EpilepsyApp. EpilepsyApp make slow but important steps into different possibilities and improvement of existing functionality. It is very important for us that you support us and accept the terms of agreement that will let us know about the use of application and understanding application from your perspective. It will contribute to improve existing functionality and suggesting new. Therefore, we do hope that you agree to send data. We assure you that no personal or sensitive information will be used. The gathered data will be used only for analytic purposes. More will be available on our report uploaded here. If you still have some concerns and questions feel free to contact us.

Sincerely, EpilepsyApp team.

EpilepsyApp: Mobile and Web solution

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In the Bachelor Project Report we have defined that one of the future features can be a web solution of EpilepsyApp. We haven´t forgotten about it and made some steps towards it. Now, it is possible to build a connection between your mobile and remote server for the synchronisation of data. Unfortunately, due to legislation in the Norway we can not implement it now, but still it is possible to make it if more strong steps will be taken for the future development.

Solution is only for demo purpose.


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We have launched research preparation work on user interaction pattern and evaluating mobile environment. The practical preparations has been done and soon with a new update it will be available for the users. We encourage our users to participate in this analysis. The participation is done with concern of personal and sensitive information. There won´t be done any records of these information. We are just interested to collect data that will tell us more about users interaction to be able to understand what kind of functionality are users interested in. This will help us to focus and prioritise specific feature for future development and reconsideration of less used.  More about the research work aim we are going to post as soon as it possible. If you have any question feel free to contact us at: epilepsy app@gmail.com

Soon new Update

11/16/2012 § 2 Comments

We are working on new update where we will present better UI of statistical data.

Some reported bugs will be fixed.

Some minor changes have been done.

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