The Project Report done on possible solution of fall detection – “EpilepsyApp”

02/08/2013 § 6 Comments

Olav Brenna Hansen and Adiljan Abdurihim have worked on project build on EpilepsyApp to find out possible solution for the fall detection. Due to the legislation the experiment group were students voluntarily attended to the experiment. We have seen some possible solution, but still it needs a deeper analysis and development. Unfortunately, this feature won´t be added to the functionality of EpilepsyApp application. For more information contact us.

Below is a project report done by the students of Gjøvik University College, Norway.



§ 6 Responses to The Project Report done on possible solution of fall detection – “EpilepsyApp”

  • Kristine says:

    Hi great app, could you please tell me exactly how to use it? My contacts were sent a sms false warning… I was not having a seizure so perhaps I have it set up wrong??? How does the automated alarm activation work? Do I need this running and it pick up a seizure or do I have to press something before a seizure? Can I change the automated sms my contacts receive? Oh they did not receive a gps of my location as well. I think it tells them to call me if I do not respond… I can’t respond when having a seizure. Is there instructions I have missed? Do I just press the alarm when I’m about to have a seizure? How does the automated alarm activation pick up a seizure… were my contacts falsely emailed because I dropped my phone? Instructions on use would be great… right in the app if not already there… if there where would I find them, probably right under my nose eh lol. Is the sms coming from my phone number so there is no international charges when it sends out a sms?

    thanks for your answers, greatly appreciated … really good idea this app!

    • Kristine says:

      oh and one more thing,… why does the app only remind me of my meds at the end of the day? How do I configure it to remind me all three doses?

      • hagadax says:

        You can add several reminders by editing the medicine. Go to medicine select the medicine that should have to be edited. Select add time button add reminders. Save. Hope it helps.

    • hagadax says:

      Automated alarm activation: when you enable it every time you start application it starts alarm. Your selected contacts will be contacted.

      Press alarm if you feel to have seizure. The system will ask you if you want to continue or if you ok. If you ok it will stop alarm. If you do not press any button from pop up choice the SMS will be send to chosen.

      We will include your suggestion to the list of next update and will try to provide better instructions.

      SMS is sent if you have activated alarm otherwise it shouldn’t send SMS.

      If the chosen number is domestic when there won’t be any international. All charges are according to your providers price set up. It sends normal SMS as like you send an SMS.

  • Mahmud says:

    Nice app. Thanks to all for this nice APP

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