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Due to some circumstances the next update of application is postponed for over weekend. Apologies.



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Some of our users requested some changes due to difficulties encountered in some functions. Therefore next update will include changes in comment section and medicine. If you have some additional suggestions please let us know as soon as it possible before next update that is estimated on 26.02.2013

Passiv Development.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t receive too much interest in future development of Application, therefore the development will be passive. But we are still open for advices and suggestions. We will try to do our best to help our users any time. Please contact us if you have questions, difficulties, suggestion … etc

Sincerely, EpilepsyApp

The Project Report done on possible solution of fall detection – “EpilepsyApp”

02/08/2013 § 6 Comments

Olav Brenna Hansen and Adiljan Abdurihim have worked on project build on EpilepsyApp to find out possible solution for the fall detection. Due to the legislation the experiment group were students voluntarily attended to the experiment. We have seen some possible solution, but still it needs a deeper analysis and development. Unfortunately, this feature won´t be added to the functionality of EpilepsyApp application. For more information contact us.

Below is a project report done by the students of Gjøvik University College, Norway.

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