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10/12/2012 § Leave a comment

There were many questions about the iOS version for the epilepsyapp. We understand that many potential users have iOS system and want to have it in their platform, but unfortunately because of both resources and time restrictions we have diffuculties to make some steps to the development start. We really do our best to provide app in iOS. Approximate clear information about this you are going to get January 2013.



10/06/2012 § Leave a comment


The tips in our new update is available only in Norwegian language but we hope to provide some in your language later on. We would inform you once again that this application is in continuos development even though it was only a bachelor project so there will be still some changes. Unfortunately it is only one developer who is working on it so the updates will be not too often. But we will do our best to fix reported errors, present solution for the advices and ideas. Have a nice use of EpilepsyApp. We are always glad to receive your email. Thank you for your support.

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