The reported bugs

09/26/2012 § Leave a comment

The reported bugs have been analyzed through and it seems that the bug has been resolved. We do hope it will resolve the problem.


EpilepsyApp on Facebook and Twitter

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Hi, Dear users of EpilepsyApp

We are glad to announce that EpilepsyApp is available for friend connection on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to follow us and ask questions there about the application.

We would like to inform that the EpilepsyApp will inform users with latest news using twitter beginning from version 1.9. It is for testing out application for slideshow tips.

Alarm initiation by app start

09/20/2012 § Leave a comment

We have developed an initiation of alarm function by the start of application that will minimize one click. The function can be set in settings. It is under test and is going to be included in next update.

Direct launch of Alarm

09/19/2012 § Leave a comment

Direct launch of Alarm is under progress in order to minimize one click. The user of app has request to provide this function so we are dealing to develope this ability. More info will be posted.

Help us !

09/17/2012 § Leave a comment

Hi. Dear users of epilepsyapp. At the moment we are working on bug fix reported by some of users. Unfortunately it ia hard to know if we have no enough information why some of errors occur. We would appreciate your help and recieve more clear information about the error you get using app.

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