Korean language

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We are working on Korean language that will be ready soon.

We would underline that if you have seen some synthax error in our translation please contact us with your best suggestion.



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As you might know we are done with our bachelor project. Unfortunately, we cant be able to develop actively but we will try to fix all reported bugs and make some small changes. At the moment we are trying to make some known and reported bugs. Additionally we are working on translation of epilepsyapp to russian and uyghur languages.
If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us. The functionalities suggested by you will be taken into considiration.

Sincerely, EpilepsyApp team.

Last day as a bachelor student

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The presentation day is over and we feel that its time to say goodbye to each other. So many memories and cooperation have been experienced in whole bachelor at the HiG. Looking back we can say that we have learned a lot.

The nice thing is to know that the Randi Stokke is satisfied with our work and the application that we have developed. Thanks Randi for flowers we got from you.

The other thing is that we had several people and even epilepsiforbund that was interessted in product. Its nice to know that your application is useful and in need. We glad that we could contribute at least something to the communities need.

Thank you for everyones support and care…..

One day for presentation

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