Presentation of Bachelor Thesis

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We are glad to inform all interested in EpilepsyApp users that Bachelor Thesis presentation will be held on 7th of June at Gjøvik University College at 13:00 in K102.

See you on presentation.


Big Day

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Today, we have sent our last update of EpilepsyApp. It was a nice cooperation and good memories working on this Bachelor Thesis. The further updates will be only if we get feedback from you and know that application in use,and of cos if members have a time to give a time for changes, I mean development.

The Bachelor Thesis presentation will be held in HIG, on 07.06.2012 so feel free to visit and participate if you wish to do it. You are welcome to do it. The time and place will posted later.

Thank you once more again for your support !!!

Sincerely, Adiljan and Andrius (EpilepsyApp team)

The Bug is resolved

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As we received feedback and report for the error have we resolved a bug for crash. The problem was that the input for the medicine dose accepted only integer (numbers without comma). We have changed the code in order to resolve this problem and it will be updated on Wednesday 23.05.2012 before that please avoid using numbers with comma.

Sincerely, EpilepsyApp team.

Statistical data representation

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Statistical data representation will be available in EpilepsyApp for chosen period of time. The table of all data registered for future analysis will be available as .html file. Please be careful filling out fields as we didn’t have enough time to implement the check for inputs. We hope it will be developed if you will be still using the application and if we get feedback.

One week before deadline

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Here is one week before final submit of “EpilepsyApp”.
Beside writing the Report we have implemented some extra functionality like backup, retrieve data, deleting all data including folder EpilepsyApp with all backup and graphs saved by user.

At the moment we are working on statistical info. We do hope we will be able to present a statistical output for all the registrations made by user for better understanding of data.

Suggestion from “Datatilsynet”

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According to suggestions from “Datatilsynet” we have implemented the possibility of deleting all the data. Here we mean all backup files, graphs registrations saved in database. If user executes this operation then none information can be retrieved and it will be lost entirely.

This functionality gives user a control over all the data registered and saved.

EpilepsyApp gains some extra functionality before deadline 23.05.2012. It is estimated to update EpilepsyApp at that date before 12:00.

The delete of wrong registered data

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Today, we have solved problem of deleting wrong registered events. It was necessary to provide this function to enable user to delete event that has been registered wrong.


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