Korean Language

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The EpilepsyApp has been translated into Korean language. We thank volunteers for their support and effort.

Special thanks:

Dutch : Johan

Korean: Mavlan


At the moment the Epilepsy App is available in following languages: English, Norwegian, Dutch, Korean.


The work before update

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At the moment EpilepsyApp team working on small bug fix and extra features. We have begun with writing tutorials. It is nice to know that many people are willing to help to make EpilepsyApp better!! At the moment the EpilepsyApp is to be translated into Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, German ….

We hope and believe that even we are not using this application for ourselves it’s nice to contribute your effort helping others make everyday easier.

Thanks to every person who is helping us to make this application better and useful !!!

The Update for EpilepsyApp is coming

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The EpilepsyApp has decided to upload a version 1.4 the 30 of April, 2012.
Changes for the version:
1) The bugs according to the feedback are fixed.
2) Some changes in elements like reminder…
3) The ability of taking medicine picture.
4) The Dutch version for the app (Thanks to Johan)
5) Better Reminder for taking registered medicines.
6) Small changes in medicine, alarm and other parts.

+ The report for the bug for those who was using Android 4.0 is resolved and will be included to EpilepsyApp- Beta v1.4

The Epilepsy App progress

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Dear users or visitors we glad to announce that from now on we are going to test seizure detection functionality of Epilepsy App. At the moment we will collect data from us, two people, but if there are some who can contribute we would appriciate it.

The seizure detection will be collecting simulated seizure, normal activities like running, jumping, playing, …. etc for better analysis.


The extra functions like taking picture of medicine and choosing medicine image from library is developed. Small changes according to the feedback and suggestions are made.

Android 4.0 that had complication loading page (detailed medicine page) is resolved. It needs some tests before final announcement of resolve of an error.

JSON error capturing image in Phonegap | Android

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Here is solution for those who get JSON error, or some undefined…..
One thing to remember is to input FILE.URI, targetwidth and targetheight…. It took about one day before I found that the code was right, but only because of that i hadn’t included width and height it was failing.

Take in consideration that.
By the way we are using phonegap version 1.5.0 (or cordova as it called now)

navigator.camera.getPicture(onPhotoDataSuccess, onFail, { quality : 75,
destinationType : Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI,
sourceType : Camera.PictureSourceType.CAMERA,
encodingType: Camera.EncodingType.JPEG,
targetWidth: 100,
targetHeight: 100 }

Good Luck

EpilepsyApp has a small bug with Android 4

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We have been reported that detailed medicine fails to load in Android v.4 (we prioritized it as most important)

We thank testers for feedback.

Privacy have checked EpilepsyApp

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Today, our friends from Privacy have tested “EpilepsyApp” for possible data leakage. It was nice to know that at the moment the application has not any problem.

Good Luck for Privacy in their work. !!!

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