Can be irritating, but needed

03/13/2012 § 2 Comments

The reminder with continues beep sound is created. It can be very annoying, but we think it should be like that in order to reach users attention at the time the user has seizure. And maybe it can be a factor that a person around helps a person.

The multiple registration of different medicines are available. So, it is easier now to register taken medicines without making to many actions.

The status-bar notification has been updated to have an efficient use of place on status bar. If before it was a status-bar notification icon for every medicine, that makes that 10 medicines means ten different icons, now it is all in one icon. All medicine titles and brief info are available looking to the status-bar.

The GPS location and some other data from sensors are successfully stored in database for future use and analysis.


“Epilepsy App” -for easiness and effort making better.


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