We are on first Page

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It is amazing to see our web page and blog on the first page of Google search results for “EpilepsyApp”.


The Service Plugin for PhoneGap

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The Epilepsy App is on it’s way to take more interesting shape after several problems and success.

After several tries and tests our plugin for the service wasn’t working !!! So, the alternative way have been used to solve the problem. Yesterday, as we had a meeting with our supervisor the problem was reported. The explanation of the code lead to a successful solution of the plugin. So, it’s working. We have a a service plugin for the PhoneGap.

And once more I said it was so simple and I couldn’t see it event thought not logical !!! REMEMBER Use context !!!

The Fourth Sprint

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The fourth sprint has begun. The feedback from Randi Stokke received, and now after our discussion we have decided that the feedback, most of it, will be implemented. At the moment we are working on changes and united DB implementation.

We are planning to upload our application (“DEMO version”) by tomorrow, to see if we can get some testers to get more feedback. So, be with us and learn more.

The Sprint Demo

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The Sprint Demo for the third Sprint has been presented. Although the application is still in progress we could present most of the main functionality that includes:

  1. Add Event (Register mood, seizure type, taken medicine, comment and menstruation*)
  2. Medicines (Add new medicine, Edit Medicine, List of Medicines)
  3. Calendar (Includes month representation with registered data on it. Available for registering new events)
  4. Today (The overview of the day and possibility of registration)
  5. Service process with status bar notification

Of course some small bugs still exist, but generally the application is working. So, now we will be waitingfor some feedback from Randi Stokke !!!



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The Service in PhoneGap doesn’t exist, or at least we couldn’t find plugin or possible solution. This made a huge trouble for making our app work even if it is inactive. No, reminders will be received. Having this trouble we tried to create plugin…. hmm.. it wasn’t so easy !!! We had a plenty small problems….. so the decision was to run it from very first activity before the PhoneGap, index.html is ran.

Although we have solved the problem of service we faced a new problem. PhoneGap and Android native SQLite database location were different. Additionally the database name given in code are different from that is created.

For example: our database created in PhoneGap is named “medicines” but the database name created as a file strangely named “0000000000000001” ?!!! yeah, it took long time before I get different names debugging the app !!!

Now, Service, Status bar notification, DB check are working except that after registering a new medicine data it doesn’t run notification before the service will be started again, that’s mean that application should be started again. This should be resolved !!!

The PhoneGap 1.4 is launched

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The new version of the PhoneGap is available and at the moment we are in consideration of it’s use. The major problems and bugs are fixed. About PhoneGap 1.4

PhoneGap plugins

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For about some time I was try to figure out what was the reason of failure integrating plugin “StatusBarNotification” with our code. After some tries I read tutorials about creating own plugin “Simple Message”, but the same problem – PhoneGap is undefined…. after some searches I have found out that the PhoneGap.js should follow before my plugin. So, it resolved the problem.

Later, there was a problem initiating the plugin object same problem [undefined]. The reason is that we have to wait until device is ready, so answer was to use deviceready event.

I do hope that it will be useful for some of you.


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