DB – SQLite

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Finally,  we have begun with DataBase. Storing of information and its display. One of the most important thing in any software is to store and retrieve data.  We hope that the development will continue in this tempo. At the moment we are operating on Sqlite that is a local DB for mobile devices.

It was little bit difficult to operate with SQLite in PhoneGap, cos it had a different way of inserting variables into DataBase, after googling several places I still couldn’t find satisfying answer or a documentation. Even a book that I have and PhoneGap official web site hadn’t a clue so after just vulgar tests and guesses I have found the result …. maybe I wasn’t lucky and maybe the answer was somewhere there, but anyway wanted to share with people who think it is tricky and search for it…

tx.executeSql(‘INSERT INTO tale_name (row_name) VALUES (?)’, [var]);

PhoneGap 1.3.0 – Android – js, function code.


Second Sprint Term

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Today, we have started our second sprint term.

After gathering necessary feedback and preparations to the practical work and following our plan we are ready to begin with a setting up all necessary tools and coding will be main focus. We will try to finish the design part and all structural view that will follow up with functionality and DB interaction.

You can read status report for the first sprint term here

Low and Hi – prototypes

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Hi, here is the work after one week job! Images of low and hi prototypes shows how we came through idea to its implementation. Design of course will be changing according to feedback and other factors, but at the moment you see the main page of our application….. it will be fine to see progress and we will try to keep you updated !

First Sprint Accomplished

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Today, we had a meeting with  Randi Stokke, employer. According to the Scrum we had to present our first code in practice, that we did. Discussions around next sprint code prioritization had been made.  Feedback from employer have been given. After a deep discussion and planning we are ready to upload our first status report online. Status report you can find on our page “EpilepsyApp”

At the moment we are not ready to upload our application for test or use, because it hasn’t the first level function that includes ability to navigate from different to different activities and storing data to local DB.

We hope that you will be able to test and use our application as soon as it possible. Be with us and we will let you know about latest updates and progress.

If you want to be a tester please contact us.

For consideration of UI

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?! Choose carefully …

Yeah, we had one day for looking around for a proper UI for PhoneGap, framework, .js file that could be used for our application but it seems pretty interesting. The main problem is that the ready css slows the work and eats up a pretty amount of memory that seems not to practical. After working and setting up everything and testing it, we have decided that own defined css could be a better solution getting our application work faster.

Of course we will try to dig more about possible solutions, but at the moment we consider own defined css file.

So, guys if you are thinking of using jQuery or other ready frameworks for beautiful GUI please think about these factors.

Randi Stokke

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Hi, today we wanted to introduce our employer briefly presenting background. Here you can find contact information about Randi Stokke.

[ENGLISH] Randi Stokke has a degree of nurse from Sykepleierhøgskolen i Oppland, has a master degree from University in Bergen. After work experience as a nurse and as a lector  some years , in 2000 she started to work with education in Radiography in Gjøvik University College. Since then she has been responsible for undergraduate study in radiography.  She teaches nursing, psychology and pedagogy. Has a particular focus on the use of simulation as a teaching method, and works with full-scale simulation. Have a special interest in the field of epilepsy, and everyday life for young people with epilepsy.

[NORSK] Randi Stokke er utdannet sykepleier ved Sykepleierhøgskolen i Oppland, og har en mastergrad i pedagogikk fra Universitetet i Bergen. Etter å ha arbeidet som sykepleier og sykepleierlærer noen år, var hun med på å starte opp radiografutdanningen på HiG høsten 2000. Hun har vært studieprogramansvarlig for bachelor i radiografi siden da. Underviser blant annet i sykepleiefag, psykologi og pedagogikk. Har et særlig fokus på bruk av simulering som pedagogisk metode, og arbeider med fullskalasimulering. Har spesiell interesse for fagområdet epilepsi, og hverdagen for unge mennesker med epilepsi.

First Remote Meeting

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Today, we had a meeting and it was a different one. We had our first remote meeting with our supervisor in New Zealand. The difference between two countries is 12 hours, but it didn’t let us go after schedule. The weekly discussion of project status with our supervisor and planning the week is a great opportunity to see new possibilities, solve problems and of course to check ourselves with report for the progress.

As a tool for video conversation with multiple users can used “hang over” by Google-plus that is free of charge and it doesn’t play role if there are more than two users at video chat comparing to other same technology.

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