EpilepsyApp Beta – version 2.0.2

04/19/2012 § 1 Comment

EpilepsyApp Beta – version 2.0.2 is available on Google Play:

Click here for more info

The application includes following languages: English, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Korean, French, German, Turkish, Russian and Chinese.


Data Analysis.

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Analyses of retrieved data from experimental group will involve:

  1. Proposed logical view
  2. Signal Processing
  3. Machine Learning

At the moment the set up of 1 technique is under design. 


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First volunteers have taken contact with us… hope there will be more people to participate our experiment.

Participate our experiment.

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Participate our experiment.

We get started with official recruitment !!


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We got our secure site for retrieving data from secure line. 

All necessary work in securing data from participants are done. We hope for a productive cooperation towards main goal.  

Machine Learning

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Adiljan Abdurihim, starts machine learning course in Stanford University.

This is preparation work to get efficient functionality for seizure detection.

Applied for IT-Health scholarship

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Adiljan Abdurihim applied for IT-Health scholarship in Sweden. Vitalis Stipendium.

Official Start of Experiment phase.

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With the cooperation of Epilepsiforbundt in Norway we have started our experiment phase. That will last due 01.06.2014. We hope for productive results.